Green jobs

Green jobs and decent work in Ger and nature tourism in Mongolia

In Mongolia, ILO and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) are supporting green activities in the sector by fostering community-based eco and cultural tourism.

Date issued: 22 September 2022 | Size/duration: 00:05:31

In Mongolia, ILO under PAGE Green Recovery Programme aims to support green activities in the tourism sector by fostering community-based eco and cultural tourism, in which rural herding communities, as custodians of nomadic lifestyle and culture, will be the main beneficiaries. The “Ger and Nature” scheme proposes promoting green jobs/decent work amongst tourism operators and local herding communities, with individual community groups serving as hosts to cultural and adventure tourists.

Under the framework, ILO conducted a Green Jobs potential assessment, Decent Work analysis. Based on the findings of the analysis, ILO provided capacity building for 45 herders, tour operators, and other stakeholders on Green Jobs and Just Transition through an on-site training and knowledge tour to the Hustai National Park with an experiential field visit to a Boutique Ger - tourism cluster. The capacity building workshop was jointly carried out with the National University of Mongolia, herding communities, tour operators, and other stakeholders involved in nomadic Ger and Nature tourism activities and the cashmere industry as a related sector in Mongolia.