Regional Model Competency Standards: Construction

These Regional Model Competency Standards for Construction have been developed by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. They constitute a set of benchmarks that define the skills, knowledge and attributes required to perform a work role. These construction standards have been mainly modeled on the CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package developed by the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council, owned and published by the Commonwealth of Australia.

National competency standards play an important and increasing role in the skills development and recognition in the Asia-Pacific region, as they do in many other parts of the world. They are a guide to the range of skills and knowledge required for a whole industry. Competency standards can be flexibly combined into jobs and occupations. They are the common basis for training programmes, skills assessment and certification in many countries. The ILO has developed, in consultation with employers, governments and workers, the Regional Model Competency Standard (RMCS) in identify priority areas and in a simplified format. The RMCS will benefit those countries that are in the process of developing standards or reviewing existing national standards in light of similar standards available in the region.