Occupational safety and health

Enhancing and Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards in Lao People's Democratic Republic

This project is a continued partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Government of Korea through the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) to enhance an overall occupational safety and health framework in Lao People's Democratic Republic.

At a glance

Lao People's Democratic Republic: Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MOLSW)
Republic of Korea: Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA)

Target beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries
Policy makers, legal advisers, labour inspectors and social partners
Lao Federation of Trade Union (LFTU), Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI)

Ultimate beneficiaries
OSH Administrative of central and provincial government
Workers, employers and general public of Lao People's Democratic Republic and other ASEAN countries

Geographical focus
Lao People's Democratic Republic, ASEAN

Project objectives

The project “Enhancing and Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards in Lao People's Democratic Republic” is a continued partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Government of Korea through the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) to enhance an overall occupational safety and health framework in Lao People's Democratic Republic.

The project builds upon the experience of the ILO/Korea OSH project “Establishing and enhancing an overall Occupational Safety and Health frame work in Myanmar and Lao People's Democratic Republic” and other OSH related projects and is aligned with the ILO’s Flagship programme: SAFETY+HEALTH FOR ALL. The project design and implementation explores potential areas of collaboration with existing projects on OSH and social protection, other UN agencies and the country’s national plan. In addition, the project strengthens cooperation with the Korean partner institution, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), which is making its own budget contribution to the initiaitve.

The project aims to:
  • Enhance the national OSH system with particular focus on legislative framework and policies with direct engagement of MOLSW in Lao People's Democratic Republic and in collaboration with tripartite constituents;
  • Strengthen and promote a preventative culture of safety and health in the workplace. Especially, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of effective OSH management system including development of preparedness plans has been reiterated for ensuring workers’ protection and resilient business;
  • Support capacity building of social partners to influence OSH policies and practices and encourage social dialogue at the national and enterprise levels.

Project outcomes

  • Develop a legal framework on OSH
  • Establish a recording and notification system for occupational accidents and diseases
  • Develop a national OSH programme
  • Strengthen capacity of national OSH committee members and stakeholders
  • Enhance OSH capacity in pilot enterprises
  • Disseminate and share good practices on OSH in ASEAN countries

Main activities

  • Provide technical assistance in drafting OSH regulations
  • Conduct mapping and gap analysis for current recording and notification system
  • Develop a road map for an improved recording and notification system
  • Support the MOLSW and National OSH Committee to identify and set priorities for the national OSH programme, based on the national OSH profile
  • Support the MOLSW and National OSH Committee to draft the national OSH programme
  • Organise capacity building training workshops for OSH inspectors, national OSH committee members and other stakeholders on Safety and Health
  • Organise training on OSH risk assessment in the selected enterprises
  • Training programmes, workshops or fellowships on OSH for ASEAN tripartite constituents are supported by the project through the cooperation with KOSHA

For further information please contact:

Mr Sunggil Son
Chief Technical Adviser, ILO/Korea Partnership Programme
Email: son@ilo.org
Tel: +662 288 1715

Ms Yuka Ujita
Senior OSH Specialist, ILO DWT-Bangkok
Email: ujita@ilo.org
Tel: +662 288 1775