Strengthening research and actuarial services in the Thailand Social Security Office (SSO)

The overall objective of the project is build up actuarial and research capacities within the Thailand Social Security Office.

Project overview

The Social Security Office of Thailand is funding a pioneering project that is developing and strengthening actuarial and research capacity and expertise.

The project is managed by an ILO Senior Actuary who works within the SSO to support capacity building and to strengthen social security through better policymaking and management. As well as the Senior Actuary, the project calls on other ILO expertise and resources to support the project.

The approach ensures a long-term legacy for the SSO as actuarial and research skills will be developed within the institution. At the same time evidence based policymaking is reinforced thereby strengthening social security in the country.

Key activities

Over a period of 54 months, a number of key activities will be undertaken by the project:
  • Reinforcing the structure, management and reporting of the Actuarial and Research Bureau and the development of the skills and expertise of those who work there
  • Carrying out two actuarial valuations:(i) Workers’ Compensation Actuarial valuation as at 1 January 2020 (ii) Main scheme actuarial valuation as at 1 July 2020
  • Producing analysis and providing input into policymaking and reforms including unemployment, health, pension, disability and maternity benefits
  • Supporting financing and coverage improvements whilst ensuring adequacy of benefits across all branches of social security. This will include studies of four priority sectors which have large numbers of informal workers and how to increase coverage.
  • Strengthening investment management and governance
  • Improving reporting and communication practice through the promotion of social security and organisation of workshops with key stakeholders
  • Improving public awareness of social security and its positive impacts on the economy and society