Asia-Arab States and Africa Inter-regional meeting on safe and fair migration for women migrant workers

Under the theme of ‘Labour mobility between Asia and the Arab States: Sharing of experiences and progress under the Bali Declaration with specific focus on women migrant workers’, over 100 delegates from Asia, Arab States and Africa will exchange research, data, practices and policies on labour migration with a focus on the needs and experience of women migrant workers.

Hosted by the ILO and UN Women through the EU-funded programme 'Safe and Fair', and other ILO projects, the meeting is organized against the backdrop of the Bali Declaration adopted by ILO tripartite constituents from Arab States and Asia-Pacific in 2016, calling for enhanced labour migration policies based on international standards.

Governments, trade unions, employers’ organizations, civil society organizations from the Arab States and Asia will share latest research, data, experience, policies and practices in the area of labour migration governance.

Policy dialogues about the key migration corridors between Asia and Arab States will be discussed to enhance the cross-regional collaboration between countries of origin and destination.There is an increase in the share of women in labour mobility. Focus on sharing progress and exploring ways to address existing challenges especially related to issues of women migrant workers will be discussed. Certain sectors like domestic work, are dominated by women migrants who face particular challenges in access to safe migration and decent working conditions.

Four key areas explored in-depth during the two-day meeting:
  • Fair recruitment
  • Protection of all migrant workers, including through improved access to justice, occupational safety and health (OSH), and better portability of skills and social security benefits, with particular reference to the challenges faced by women migrant workers in these areas
  • Progress made in redressing employer-employee relationships that impede workers’ freedom of movement
  • Partnerships
The meeting will serve as a constructive platform bringing together relevant stakeholders across societal sectors and regions to exchange ideas and improve coordinated partnerships so as to achieve the goal of making migration beneficial for all involved actors with effective labour migration policies in place.