Staff list: ILO Joint Projects Office

ILO Joint Projects Office

Mr Sophorn Tun National Coordinator
Mr Bunleng Ros Finance and Administrative Assistant
Ms Malina Loung Programme Assistant

Expanding and Improving Social Protection (SOCPRO)

Ms Malika Ok National Project Coordinator

Community-based Enterprise Development (C-BED)

Mr Ritthy Ou National Project Officer
Ms Kanhchana Kim Finance and Administrative Assistant

Occupational Safety and Health Project

Ms Chuong Por National Project Coordinator
Mr Sokha Seang Administrative Assistant

Strengthening Skills Development in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar through South- South and Triangular Cooperation

Mr Rim Khleang National Project Officer

UN Joint Programme on Youth Employment

Ms Socheata Sou National Project Coordinator
Mr Vitra Tek Administrative Assistant

Labour standards in global supply chains: A programme of action for Asia and the garment sector

Mr Kimly Kheng Admin Finance Assistant

Tripartite Action to Protect Migrant Workers within and from the Greater Mekong Subregion from Labour Exploitation (GMS TRIANGLE project)

Mr Veth Vorn National Project Coordinator
Mr Oliver Fisher Technical Officer
Ms Raksa Sophorn Preap Finance and Administrative Assistant

SAFE & FAIR Realizing Women Migrant Workers’ Rights in the ASEAN region

Vacant Finance and Administrative Assistant

Better Factories Cambodia

Ms Esther Germans Programe Manager
Ms Sara Park Deputy Program Manager
Mr Am Vina Enterprise Assessor
Ms Chan Raksa Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Mr Chea Sophal Assessor/Advisor Co. Manager
Ms Chhay Chansopheaktra Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Mr Chheng Sambo Communication Assistant
Mr Chour Vuthy Enterprise Assessor
Mr Chov Sokha Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Mr Heng Kuyhang Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Ms Heng Nary Enterprise Assessor
Ms Heng Vouthy Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Ms Hin Kunthea Enterprise Assessor
Ms Kang Ditine Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Ms Keo Kolina Finance Assistant
Ms Khut Chhornsocheata Enterprise Advisor/Assessor
Ms Kong Chanmalis Enterprise Assessor
Mr Koy Visedh Enterprise Assessor
Mr Lay You Hong Enterprise Assessor
Ms Lim Vimol Administrative Assistant & Data management
Mr Ly Sokheng Enterprise Assessor
Ms Ly Somana Enterprise Assessor
Ms Min Pheaktra Training Assistant
Ms Mouyly Vichhra Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Mr Nang Narith Senior Enterprise Assessor
Mr Nov Dara Training Manager
Mr Ork Sam Ol Senior Enterprise Assessor
Ms Phan Lida Enterprise Assessor
Ms Phhum Krisna Administrative Assistant
Mr Ros Sok Heng Finance and Admin Manager
Mr Ros Thoeun Programme Officer
Ms Sim Noreth Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Sin Sokunthea Administrative Secretary
Mr Siv Sothea Enterprise Assessor
Ms Soeung Sophy Enterprise Assessor
Ms Svay Primaneth Receptionist
Mr Taing Leang Chhoung Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Tan Sovanthyda Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Tho Thida Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Thon Tyna Enterprise Assessor
Mr Thong Sophy Makara Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Thy Rida Training Assistant
Mr Ung Sokrethyuthea Enterprise Advisor/Trainer
Ms Van Somery IT Assistant
Mr Yin Sarom Enterprise Assessor
Mr Hem Savath Driver