The ILO in Lao People's Democratic Republic

The Lao People's Democratic Republic has been a member of the ILO since 1964. The country has ratified a total of eight ILO Conventions, including five of the eight ILO core Conventions (covering forced labour, equal remuneration, discrimination and child labour).

The majority of Lao are self-sufficient rice farmers. However, the Government aims to lift Laos off the list of least-developed countries by 2020. The Government places importance on country prosperity and welcomes local development strategies for employment creation, livelihood improvement and strengthening social dialogue.
The current sixth 5-year National Economic and Social Development Plan (2006-2010) covers:
  • employment creation;
  • stimulating the investment environment;
  • strengthening social dialogue;
  • improving social security and expand social protection;
  • promoting safety and health, including HIV/AIDS workplace policy;
  • safe labour migration; and
  • lifting Laos off the list of least-developed countries by 2020.
The national Decent Work Country Programme is based on the promotion of rights-based development and a common assessment of needs related to implementing this national plan.

The ILO provides support in a number of areas, including improving and expanding social protection, skills development, better occupational safety and health (including an HIV/AIDS workplace policy) and safer labour migration. In addition it supports the development of employment services to ensure matching between job-seekers’ expectations and the skills requirements of domestic and foreign employers.