Gaziantep Women-only Center: Providing Livelihood Support


    Childcare facilities at the Women-only Centre in Gaziantep
     • A fully-equipped women-only centre has been established together with UNWomen and ASAM in Gaziantep in partnership with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality;
    • Basic life and market skills training programmes and market oriented vocational and technical training courses have been provided;
    • A mentoring/role model system for empowerment of women has been established;
    • Legal advice on work permits and job security has been provided;
    • 747 Syrian and host community women have been reached.
Participants of a vocational training on skin care at the Women-only Centre in Gaziantep

Target Group and province
Syrian women and girls and host communities in Gaziantep

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1 April 2017 - 31 May 2018 (14 months)