Disclaimer on the Global Slavery Index produced by WalkFree

Press release | 26 May 2023
With respect to the above-mentioned report published by WalkFree on 23 May 2023 where the ILO estimations are shown as source and was covered by certain media outlets, for the interest and the attention of the public, the ILO Office for Türkiye clarifies following:
  1. The Global Slavery Index produced by WalkFree in 2023 is NOT an ILO report, nor has ILO participated in any means to its production.
  2. The Index uses the Global Estimates on Modern Slavery of 49.6 million people, published by the ILO and IOM in 2022 that does include Türkiye figures.
  3. However, the ILO has never published country figures to that regard and does not endorse the Index.
  4. The ILO clearly states that the ILO cannot be associated with this Index.
The ILO Office for Türkiye