SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre’s Second Tour of Seminars Successfully Completed

News | 26 November 2018

Seminars were organised with the participation of beneficiaries who completed the basic life skills and occupational training courses in the SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre under the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls in Turkey” being implemented in Gaziantep jointly by UN Women, ILO and ASAM. The seminars were held on 06-20 November 2018 in the GESOB Events Hall and attended by 185 beneficiaries of Syrian, Afghan and Turkish nationality who completed the courses Turkish A1 and A2, Computer Operating, Basic Makeup, Hair-dressing and Packaging. Aiming to facilitate and promote the entry of women beneficiaries of the Project into labour markets, the seminars are organised every two months with participation from the related institutions and organisations.

Role Models
The role model seminar, aiming to bring together successful business women with the Project’s beneficiaries, was held on 06-07 November 2018 hosting Ms. Derya Karakuzu, who was the owner of the “Antep Lezzeti (Taste of Antep)” Local Home Dishes Restaurant and the sole woman operator at Gaziantep KÜSGET Organised Industry Zone. A local of Gaziantep, Ms. Karakuzu finished middle school and high school through distance learning by own efforts, learned how to use a computer by own efforts, passed the examinations for insurance representation, worked as an insurance agent for some time, then completed KOSGEB’s entrepreneurship course and started own business. Once she narrated her life full of struggles, marriage experience at child age, and problems that she encountered in the work life, the listeners commented that “you are telling our stories”. Participants had opportunities to tell own life stories in the seminar which concluded with a high applause for women who resolutely went on their way despite all challenges.

Work Permits
At the seminar on 08-09 November 2018 with the participation of Mr. Fatih Volkan Yamaner, an Assistant Labour Expert from the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, participants were informed on the legal procedures for the access to labour markets by foreigners granted Temporary Protection and International Protection, and on the recent work of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services; then questions from participants on work permits were answered.

Social Security Rights
At the seminar on 12-13 November 2018 with the participation of Mr. Mehmet Aliko, a Social Security Inspector from Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Social Security, information was provided on the status of insuredness of foreigners achieved upon obtaining the work permit. Information was provided on the rights of insuredness particularly women’s rights in the social security system in terms of pregnancy, birth-maternity, and marriage. The seminar concluded with a question and answer session, and emphasis on the importance of insured work.

ISKUR Active Labour Market Programmes
At the seminar on 13-14 November 2018 with the participation of Mr. Engin Güngördü, a job and vocational counsellor from Gaziantep ISKUR, information was provided to women beneficiaries of the Project on ISKUR’s mandate and activities, courses and events offered, as well as how they could access Gaziantep ISKUR over the map, how to register, and job-seeking processes under ISKUR activities. Participants were also shown, using real participant information, how to register at ISKUR online system; then 84 women were registered at ISKUR who wanted to participate in the world of work and had requisite information and papers ready.

Occupational Safety and Health
At the seminar on 15-16 November 2018 with the participation of Ms. Burcu Ünal, an expert of occupational safety and health, information was provided to participants, particularly in the context of occupational training provided under the Project, on measures that must be taken at work, occupational diseases, protection methods, equipment for occupational safety, and the legal obligations of employers and workers for protecting against work accidents.

Gender Equality at Work
At the seminar on 03-04 September 2018 with the participation of psychologist Ms. Zehra Tosun, a part was organised to identify participants’ abilities where participants told about their most favoured characteristics and abilities. The participating women most frequently stated such basic skills as cooking, dancing, stitching and childcare. Then, the gender-based problems experienced by women at work were discussed through real life examples. The seminar also addressed the necessity to send girls to schools and the psychological and sociological problems caused by child marriage; and included exercises on how to identify prominent features as applicants in the job interviews.