Generating evidence and informing policy – The SCORE approach to productivity and competitiveness.

The Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) hosted a consultative workshop with key government and private sector stakeholders following the conclusion of the 3-year implementation of SCORE programme in Ethiopia.

Article | 07 March 2022
Three consecutive studies were conducted in 2021 following the conclusion of the first phase of SCORE in Ethiopia. The outcome of the studies is intended to be used for expanding SCORE intervention at national level, with an ultimate goal of achieving higher impact on the livelihood of workers. The findings of the study were presented in a consultative workshop organized from 17-18 February 2022. Workshop participants discussed how the evidence generated and lessons gained through SCORE intervention would contribute to the implementation of the key strategic pillars of Ethiopia’s Ten-Year Perspective Development Plan (2021 – 2030), which focusses on improving productivity, competitiveness, job creation and decent working conditions.
Workshop participants
The SCORE component has been implementing training and in-factory consultation of enterprises in various sectors such as garment/textile, leather/footwear and horticulture. Between 2019 and 2021 60 Small and Medium Enterprises benefited from SCORE. In additions, capacity building support has been provided to four institutions to deliver SCORE training and advisory services to SMEs and factories in the industrial parks.

SCORE approach and the type of services packaged together to enhance productivity and competitiveness was recognized by government and the private sector and appetite for further collaboration to scale up the programme was highlighted. One of the major outcomes of the workshop was the high interest and commitment of stakeholders on sharing responsibilities for national level intervention. As a result, a taskforce constituting of representatives from policy makers and implementing partners was established during the workshop.

The workshop was attended by more than 450 participants from key government and private sector organizations including directors and technical staff members of the Ministry of Labour and Skills, Ministry of Planning and Development, Ministry of Industry, Jobs Creation Commission, Ethiopian Investment Commission, and specialized government institutions that implemented SCORE. In addition, Chambers of Commerce and Sectoral Associations and SCORE trainers were amongst the participants.

The ILO Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization Programme in Ethiopia (SIRAYE) is uniquely designed by combining Better Work, SCORE, OSH and Industrial Relations components with the aim of providing a comprehensive service for target factories in Ethiopia. Between 2019- 2021 a wide range of experiences and lessons were generated mainly from SCORE interventions at enterprise level. Lessons gained and evidence generated from SCORE enterprise level intervention started informing higher level interventions at sectoral and national levels. The next area of focus is therefore to increase national coverage through institutions and in consultation with social partners, contribute to government’s effort towards the enhancement of productivity and competitiveness and supporting SCORE trainers to provide high quality and inclusive training and advisory services to small and medium enterprises from diversified sectors.