Egypt combats Child Labour by promoting and disseminating knowledge about children’s rights through SCREAM

Article | 29 August 2022
Cairo, July, 2022 - To support girls’ and boys’ withdrawal from child labour, avoid their integration and reintegration into work and support their education, the ILO ACCEL Africa Project in Egypt, in collaboration with the Association of Improving Conditions of Women and Children, is implementing a “Supporting Child Rights through Education, Art and Media” (SCREAM) Programme aimed at empowering children. The programme supports girls and boys to express themselves and utilize their creative potential productively and constructively.

The programme, which aims to reach 1000 boys engaged in child labour or at risk of being involved in child labour, has worked with 277 children (133 girls, 144 boys). This includes 127 (82 boys, 45 girls) from Fayoum governorate; 100 (41 boys, 59 girls) from Beheira governorate; and 50 children (21 boys, 29 girls) from Kafr Elsheikh governorate. During the series of training sessions (12), kids are reintroduced to their rights and ways to protect themselves from child labour, as well as the main concepts of child labour and hazardous works. In addition to providing them with the tools to express themselves through arts.

During this event, children shared their thoughts and experiences on child labour through role-playing, theatre, drawing and puppet shows.