Report on Labour Migration Statistics in Africa, Third Edition (2019)

This report outlines the labour migration trajectory in Africa and facilitates the design of informed policies and programmes for the effective protection of labour migrants and their families leading to the promotion of sustainable development in both countries of origin and destination.

This objective is in line with the revised AU Migration Policy Framework for Africa (2018) and the AU Plan of Action on Employment, Poverty Eradication and Inclusive Development (2015), both of which contain provisions intended to assist with national and regional governance of free movement of persons as well as migration. Under the AU–ILO–IOM–UNECA Joint Programme on Labour Migration Governance for Development and Integration in Africa (better known as the Joint Labour Migration Programme, or JLMP), the AUC and its JLMP partners the International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), supported by Statistics Sweden, have produced this new edition of the Report on Labour Migration Statistics in Africa.