ILO Symposium, 18-20 September 2023

New Approaches to Strengthen Workers' Education for Trade Union Revitalization

This global symposium will bring together senior trade union leaders, academia and workers’ education institutions, activists and cooperation partners from all regions in a three-day virtual format from 18 to 20 September 2023. The three-day symposium aims to generate a collective analysis of the current state of workers’ education around the world, recommend and adopt innovative strategies and solutions to the pressing and emerging needs of workers in the context of an ever-transforming world of work through workers’ education, in contribution to the global strategy on workers education.

Brief Description

Sixteen years after the last ACTRAV-led Global Symposium on Labour Education in 2007, many developments have transformed and continue to change the world of work, hence also the way trade unions need to organise and function in order to provide relevant representation and services for their members. For example, technological development significantly influences production and work processes, requiring new negotiation skills and competencies. For example, many traditional skills and jobs have been faced with redundancies and new and emerging jobs like digital labour platforms still have provided job opportunities for many, but gaps in labour and regulatory policies and are not easy to represent under classic labour relations.

In addition, climate change, demographic shifts, industrialization 4.0, and the COVID-19 pandemic, among others, are driving dramatic transformations in the work of work.

Key questions for the symposium:

1. How has workers’ education become a vehicle upon which workers’ organizations have built their capacities and influence their work in the ever-changing world of work?

2. How have the new approaches in workers’ education contributed to building the trade union capacities towards the evolving labour market and industrial relations environment?

3. What is the future of workers’ education in ensuring trade unions to be strong, independent, democratic and representative organizations of all workers?


Monday 18 September 2023

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Wednesday 20 September 2023