The Bureau for Workers ‘Activities (ACTRAV) is the main link between the International Labour Office and the world of work through one of its constituents: workers’ organizations.

ACTRAV ensures that the concerns and interests of workers’ organizations are taken into consideration in the policy development and activities of the International Labour Office, both at Headquarter and in the Field.

ACTRAV support workers ‘organizations in the defense and promotion of workers’ rights.

ACTRAV works in close coordination with and assists the Secretariat of the Workers’ Group of the ILO Governing Body.

ACTRAV brings together a team of specialists with a deep knowledge of the trade union movement, representing the various regions of the world. Our specialists work from the Office’s Geneva headquarters, as well as from its regional and sub-regional offices in the field, where they liaise with workers’ constituents and work in close coordination with the ILO’s structures across the world for the promotion of social justice and decent work.

In close coordination with ILO’s technical departments, ACTRAV’s teams are working together on different topics to provide services to workers’ organizations.