Europe and Central Asia

The countries in the European and Central Asian region form a very diverse group. In particular countries in Eastern Europe have experienced significant economic changes in recent decades, with the transition from centrally managed economies towards free market systems. Today, moderate economic growth is being experienced in many countries across the region.

ACT/EMP field specialists, located in Budapest and Moscow, are working to strengthen the capacity of Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) in the region. Given the changing economic and political context of the Eastern European and Central Asian sub-region, a significant focus has been placed on strengthening governance, strategic planning, service delivery and policy advocacy by EBMOs. In South Eastern Europe, ACT/EMP continues to support EBMOs in working towards a business environment that promotes sustainable enterprises and supports economic growth, as well as expanding the service offer of EBMOs.

Some recent examples of ACT/EMP’s work together with EBMOs across Eastern Europe and Central Asia include: supporting strategic planning, including drafting and adopting of strategic plans for EBMOs; development of training services related to occupational safety and health; drafting of policy position papers related to promoting an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE); and country-specific adaptation of guides and best practices on collective bargaining.