Latin America and the Caribbean

After a period of contraction, economies in Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing gradual recovery. Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) have a strategic and timely role to play in supporting sustainable, economic growth in the region.
ACT/EMP and its field specialists located in Lima, San José, Santiago, and Port of Spain are working with EBMOs to create positive change that fosters a better environment for business and supports sustainable enterprises. Key priorities for the region include elimination of child and forced labour, safety and health at work, gender diversity in the workplace, and social dialogue.

Recently, ACT/EMP’s work together with EBMOs in Latin America and the Caribbean has included strategic planning support, development of advocacy strategies and policy position papers, training for small businesses and entrepreneurs, women in business and management research and workshops, and training on business productivity. In addition, in order to further strengthen the analytical and policy capacity of EBMOs and enhance their ability to participate in dialogue on wider range of business issues, the Enabling Environment of Sustainable Enterprise (EESE) toolkit for evidence-based policy making has been applied in some countries. Overall, ACT/EMP aims to help EBMOs in the region improve the level of their services, and increase their relevance and sustainability.