New strategic plan set to revitalize the Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The ILO has played a key role in revitalizing an important institution for peace and reconstruction in the conflict-afflicted country

News | 10 March 2022
SANAA (ILO News) – The Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FYCCI), with ILO support, has developed a strategic plan for 2022-23 that aims to re-position the Federation as a strong actor which can contribute to peace and the country’s reconstruction processes.

The strategic plan redefines the FYCCI’s advocacy priorities and includes a financial and human resources plan to implement the strategy.The plan builds on support already provided by the ILO since April 2021 towards establishing regular communication channels between the Federation and governorate chambers across the country, increased visibility through social and traditional media, and rebranding the institutional website.

“The ILO support has been instrumental in revitalizing our Federation. After many years the Board members regularly meet, the Federation is seen as a platform for information sharing and capacity building by the Chambers in the different Governorate. And now, finally, for the first time after 2014 we have a strategic direction for next years” said Mohammad Qaflah, FYCCI Director General.

ILO support over the past year has enabled the FYCCI to reconnect with the local authorities and take part in policy discussions on economic and social matters. A number of international and regional technical cooperation agencies and partners (GIZ, the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, amongst others) have also recently approached the Federation seeking their involvement in a number of technical cooperation projects.
The plan was developed following several consultations with governorate chambers, members of the Federation’s sectoral committees and Federation board members. The final draft was endorsed by stakeholders and Board members on Tuesday 8 March.

“The private sector, despite the protracted conflict, is an essential actor to keep the country afloat by providing jobs and key goods and services for the population. The resilience of the entrepreneurs in the country is admirable and entrepreneurship culture is growing in the new generations. In this context strong federation and strong governorate chambers are essential actors for the peace and reconstruction process” concluded Paolo Salvai, Senior ILO Specialist.

In the framework of the new strategic plan the ILO will continue to provide capacity building and technical assistance to the Federation in the areas of data collection, research and human resource management.
The FYCCI is an umbrella organization of 21 regional chambers. Before the war which started in 2015, FYCCI covered all 22 regional chambers in Yemen. Despite the prolonged conflict the Federation has managed to keep relations with most of the chambers in the different governorate and still maintain relatively good convocation capacity.