Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Peruvian companies make progress in the inclusion of people with disabilities

With technical assistance from ILO’s Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP), the Peruvian Business and Disability Network welcomes new members and continues to gather evidence to promote the employment of people with disabilities

News | 26 June 2019
Lima - In Peru, about 2 million people have a type of disability and half of them are of working age. But the scenario for these people is bleak: the unemployment rate among them (12.1%) is almost three times higher than the total population (3.7%).
"The ILO is convinced that the business sector is a fundamental actor in the promotion of decent work for people with disabilities," said Roberto Villamil, a specialist in ILO’s Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP).
With this in mind, the ILO promotes the creation of Business and Disability Networks throughout the world. The Peruvian Businesses and Disability Network, which has counted on ILO’s technical assistance since its creation, held today its Third Dialogue “Talent without labels”, to learn new experiences and best practices to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in an honest, responsible and sustainable way.
Francisco Mesonero, president of the Adecco Foundation, shared with representatives of more than 30 Peruvian companies, their human resources management practices, with a special focus on the employment and family situation of people with disabilities.
"The Network has a solid work plan and is growing steadily, incorporating more and more companies of different sectors and sizes, which are committed to make decent and productive work for people with disabilities a reality," said Villamil .
The exchange of experiences that takes place within the Network allows the gathering of evidence to support why the incorporation of people with disabilities into the workplace brings benefits to the business. "The companies that are here today know that the inclusion of these people improves the work climate, encourages teamwork, eliminates stereotypes, promotes innovation and improves corporate reputation”, Villamil argued.
Now, the Network's challenge lies in developing products and services for member companies -especially for the smallest ones- so they can learn to overcome the barriers that come with hiring and retaining people with disabilities. In addition, the Network must continue to strengthen its advocacy capacity to improve public inclusion policies and facilitate compliance with current regulations.
ILO also supports Public Management for inclusion
In Peru, the ILO promotes policies to include disability in the workplace through the Joint Program on Employment and Disability, an initiative of the United Nations System, with the collaboration of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
The Joint Program will contribute to improve access to employment for people with disabilities, especially women, strengthening public management in three districts of the city of Lima, working closely with the Peruvian Businesses and Disability Network.
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