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ILO Country Office for Pakistan (CO-Islamabad)

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Welcome to the ILO Country Office for Pakistan! The Office was established in 1970 and has since worked to provide technical assistance to the ILO tripartite constituents and other stakeholders to promote decent work and social justice. More

What's new

  1. Occupational Safety & Health

    Sindh Government prepares first ever Policy on Occupational Safety & Health
    18 September 2014

    The first ever draft provincial Policy on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) was unveiled in Karachi today by the Sindh Labour Department in a tripartite consultation with Employers, Workers, Civil society organizations and media.

  2. Entrepreneurship

    ILO's global training module on entrepreneurship launched in Pakistan
    01 September 2014

    The ILO and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan launched a new programme today to strengthen women's entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

  3. Child and Bonded Labour

    Two days orientation session on “Provincial Survey on Child and Bonded Labour” and “Child and Bonded Labour Monitoring and Reporting System”
    29 August 2014

    Department of Labour and Human Resource, Government of the Punjab organized the two day orientation session on "Provincial Survey on Child and Bonded Labour" and "Child and Bonded Labour Monitoring and Reporting System" with the technical support of ILO Country Office, Pakistan.

  4. International Labour Standards

    ILO and Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) agree to jointly promote ‘International Labour Standards in Textile Industries in Pakistan’
    20 August 2014

    The Pakistan Textiles Exporters Association has partnered with ILO for technical assistance in helping the association and its members in designing, developing and enforcing a self-inspection system.

  5. Training

    Making businesses better: ILO training for entrepreneurship
    20 August 2014

    Thirty trainers from all over Pakistan are being trained on ILO's global module, Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to strengthen business incubation centres.

  6. Green Jobs

    Technical workshop on Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurship
    13 August 2014

    The Livelihood Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Empowerment of Vulnerable Peasant Communities in Sindh Province (LRP) in collaboration with the ILO regional office Bangkok organized the first three day technical workshop on “Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurship”.

  7. Child and bonded labour

    Government of Punjab and ILO expand partnership to combat child and bonded labour
    11 August 2014

    According to the Government of Pakistan, 8,000 child and bonded labourers have been rehabilitated.

  8. Displaced Persons

    ILO initiates short-term job creation opportunities for North Waziristan IDPs
    25 July 2014

    The International Labour Organization has advised the Government of Pakistan to provide short-term jobs to North Waziristan IDPs on priority basis to avoid their long term protracted unemployment. This follows ILO’s reconnaissance mission to Bannu in July 2014 which revealed that a large number of IDPs were idle most of the day either-on the sidelines of the distribution hubs, or in the city areas due to non-availability of productive work opportunities.

  9. Gender

    Women in the world of work: ILO trains journalists on reporting gender and labor rights
    07 July 2014

    On Monday 7th July 2014, thirty (30) journalists from print and electronic media convened for a three day meeting to equip them with advanced reporting skills on covering gender and labour rights in Pakistan. The training has been organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Civic Action Resources, an Islamabad based organization that works to promote civic action on democratic and progressive issues for social progress.

  10. Gender

    Showcasing GE4DE beneficiaries talents - improving livelihoods
    20 June 2014

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) hosted a talent show, under its project for Promoting Gender Equality for Decent Employment GE4DE titled ‘GE4DE- A Celebration of Talent’ in Karachi. The event featured works from artisans from eight different areas of Pakistan, including four indigenously created fashion collections.

  11. Labour migration

    National conference on skills needs in Gulf countries: Challenges and opportunities for Pakistan
    26 June 2014

    Realizing the opportunities in emerging markets in GCC countries, the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), under the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MoOP&HRD) and the International Labour Organisation, jointly agreed to hold this conference to create awareness about current and future skills in demand in GCC countries so that manpower export from Pakistan can be enhanced.

  12. Pakistan state television

    World Day Against Child Labour 2014 - Interview with "World This Morning"
    12 June 2014

    World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2014 observed with an interview of Francesco d'Ovidio, Country Director during the programme "World This Morning" hosted by Shahzad Khan & Maha Makhdum, Pakistan Televison.

  13. More and better jobs

    Netherlands would work with ILO in Pakistan to ensure ILS compliant textile exports to Europe
    27 May 2014

    H.E. Lilliane Ploumen, Minister for Trade and Development, Kingdom of Netherlands, has identified a number of avenues where the Textile Industries in Pakistan in collaboration with ILO, can bring improvements in the work practices thus enabling more exports to Europe, while talking at a roundtable organized jointly by ILO and the Netherlands Embassy.

  14. Pakistan state television

    International Labour Day 2014 - Interview with "World This Morning"
    01 May 2014

    International Labour Day, 01 May 2014 observed with an interview of Francesco d'Ovidio, Country Director and Frida Khan, National Project Co-ordinator during the programme "World This Morning" hosted by Shahzad Khan & Maha Makhdum, Pakistan Televison.

  15. Pakistan state television

    The ILO in Pakistan
    30 April 2014

    Francesco d'Ovidio, Country Director of the ILO's office in Pakistan discusses the catalyst role that the ILO plays to assist the government of Pakistan and its social partners as they reform their labour law, generate employment, expand social protection and promote social dialogue, in an interview with the state television programme "Diplomatic Enclave".

  16. Conference

    South Asia Labour Conference 2014: Fostering regional cooperation for Decent Work
    24 - 26 April 2014

    ILO Islamabad provided technical support to the Government of Punjab, Labour & Human Resource Department in organizing a 3-day ‘South Asia Labour Conference’. Purpose of the conference is to strengthen regional cooperation for promoting Decent Work in South Asia. The conference discussed seven thematic areas of common interest for South Asian countries. More than 300 delegates from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan participated in the conference.

    Message by Mr Francesco d'Ovidio, Country Director, ILO Pakistan
  17. Labour migration

    Migrant workers get the short end of the stick
    30 April 2014

    Pakistani migrant workers, have very little information about the law in their own country or the destination country. They are given no pre-departure briefings or any information about how their embassy can support them once they leave. As a result, they are left to rely on recruitment agencies, who being largely unregulated, can be quite unscrupulous.

  18. Labour migration

    The South Asia labour migration governance project
    18 April 2014

    The project aims to promote the management of labour migration from South Asia, to ensure effective protection of the rights of vulnerable migrant workers, enhance the development impact of labour migration and reduce irregular flows.

  19. Tackling child labour in Pakistan

    A teacher like Baji
    28 April 2014

    Rubina’s story was told by representatives of the Punjab Literacy Department, attending the South Asia Labour Conference recently held in Lahore. They were there to emphasise the close links between literacy, education, skills, employment and income.

  20. Social protection

    Fingerprints solve the social security problem for Pakistan’s Brick Kiln Workers
    24 April 2014

    The Department of Labour Punjab and the ILO are working to extend labour laws and social protection to brick kiln workers. For some it starts with finding their fingerprints again.

  21. Training of trainers towards flexible training approaches
    10 April 2014

    The ILO project “Livelihood Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Empowerment of Vulnerable Peasant Communities in Sindh Province” (LRP) in collaboration with International Training Center (ITC-ILO) organized the first Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop on Training of Trainers towards Flexible Training Approaches at Indus Hotel Hyderabad. The training was attended by UN and government officials, trainers of government and private vocational training institutions.

  22. Launch of skill development initiative for domestic workers
    19 February 2014

    The ILO Country Office for Pakistan and the Women Development Department Government of the Punjab have joined hands to start a pilot training programme to skill and re-skill domestic workers. The programme aims to improve the standard of domestic work as well as to enhance the employability and living and working conditions of domestic workers.

  23. Underrated, underreported: Changing the image of working women in Pakistan's media
    03 February 2014

    Gender stereotypes are common in Pakistani media and continue to make it difficult for women to play an equal role in the country’s workforce. A recent ILO project focuses on Pakistani journalists themselves, using media to re-shape public opinions about working women.

  24. Media persons awarded to highlight real issues of women’s economic empowerment
    08 January 2014

    Seven journalists from print and electronic media from across Pakistan have won awards from ILO for excellence in reporting on issues relating to labour and gender.

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