Youth in action against child labour

Young people worldwide are speaking out against child labour and taking action to raise further awareness of this issue. They are spreading knowledge among their peers, acting as a voice for those children whose rights are not respected and calling on decision-makers to act urgently to protect children in danger. Numerous tools and initiatives exist to inspire and motivate children of all ages, from primary school right through to university, on the subject of child labour.

A youth-orientated version of Convention No. 182 against the worst forms of child labour has been developed in order to help make people aware that child labour is a violation of human rights hindering children’s development, compromising entire generations and undermining the human capital of the world. Action must be taken to combat this problem.

The video “Let children bloom” produced on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour 2009 and the 10th anniversary of Convention No. 182, highlights the role of young people in the campaign and calls for an end to child labour.

Take action!

Join a exciting initiative entitled Uniting to end child labour: Keep the pinwheel moving! This initiative aims to involve young people in the fight against child labour and create a transfer of knowledge around the world accompanied by the World Day symbol, the pinwheel.

Explore the following links for ideas for action: