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News | 29 July 2009
Following the SCREAM methodology, high school students from Italian Licei Artistici (Art high schools) in Bergamo and Romagnano Sesia, came together, on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour 2008, to create a large 3.43x 7.63 m canvas. The character of Pinocchio comes to life in this work in various allegorical scenes depicting different aspects of today’s globalized economy, consumerism, child exploitation and the interdependence of factors contributing to social injustice. Pinocchio, with the help of Jiminy Cricket as his conscience and inner voice, makes his journey towards greater awareness and responsible behaviour and illustrates that education can provide a way out of the vicious cycle of exploitation and poverty.

Not only was this project a learning experience for everyone involved, but it also served to promote greater awareness of child labour and globalization both locally and on an international level. This provocative canvas has become a valuable tool to educate and inspire others, and has been displayed during high-profile events such as the 2008 International Labour Conference at the Palais des Nations and the International Conference on education organized by UNESCO, held in Geneva in November 2008.

These links related to the Pinocchio canvas should encourage involvement in the Global campaign to eliminate child labour. They include a specially developed slideshow which takes the reader on a detailed tour of the canvas, a leaflet depicting the characters to download and print activities to help young people explore child labour issues and an interview with Diego Severnigni the young team leader who coordinated the work. Enjoy exploring them all!

For more detailed information about the Canvas, please contact IPEC@ilo.org 

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