Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch (EMPLAB)

The Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch supports member States in developing and implementing policies for better employment outcomes. The Branch includes the Country Employment Policy Development and Coordination Unit, the Youth Employment Programme, and the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth. The main areas of work of the Branch are:
• Policy advice and capacity building on the formulation and implementation of National Employment Policies and Youth Employment Action Plans;
• Research and knowledge development on pro-employment macro-economic and budgeting frameworks, employment-rich structural transformation, active labour market policies, NEETs and other SDG Goal 8 indicators, green jobs, gender equality in the labour market, “what works” in promoting decent employment, in particular, for young women and men, and the future of work;
• Technical assistance on active labour market policies and employment services, and monitoring and impact evaluation of policies and programmes;
• Global advocacy and partnerships to expand and scale up global, regional and country level action for decent jobs for youth.