Employment Policy Department (EMP/POLICY)
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Employment Policy Department (EMP/POLICY)

The Employment Policy Department (EMP/POLICY) leads ILO’s work on Employment Policy and Programme development and their articulation with national development frameworks including National Development Plans and Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS). The main objective is to advocate for the inclusion of employment as a central goal of national and global economic and social policy agendas and to support the design and implementation of appropriate strategies to achieve this goal.

The Department also leads ILO’s work on Employment-Intensive Investment approaches and on the Informal Economy, the latter through a cross-sectoral perspective.

In delivering on these objectives, the Department’s main means of action are policy advice to Governments, employers and workers organizations and their capacity-building. Policy advice is supported through research, review and dissemination of good practices, technical cooperation programmes and partnerships at national, regional and global levels. More >


  1. The Informal Economy and Decent Work: A Policy Resource Guide supporting transitions to formality
    9 May 2013

    This practical Policy Resource Guide is the first initiative to bring together a synthesis of knowledge, policy innovations and good practices facilitating transition to formality.

  2. Youth guarantees: a response to the youth employment crisis?
    4 April 2013

    ILO review shows that youth guarantees can play a significant role in reducing the scars of long-term unemployment and of disconnect from labour markets of the unemployed and discouraged young women and men.

  3. Tackling the youth employment crisis: A macroeconomic perspective
    June 2012

    Employment Sector Employment Working Paper No. 124

  4. Guide for the formulation of national employment policies
    28 August 2012

    This guide for the formulation of national employment policies has been prepared as a capacity building tool for ILO’s tripartite constituents, ILO technical staff and a variety of national stakeholders who are engaged in the development and implementation of national employment policies (NEP).

  5. The youth employment crisis: A call for action
    25 July 2012

    Resolution and conclusions of the 101st Session of the International Labour Conference, Geneva, 2012

  6. Report V: The youth employment crisis: Time for action
    March 2012

    Report submitted to the delegates of the 101st International Labour Labour Conference for general discussion.

  7. Employment Diagnostic Analysis on Malawi

    Prepared for the Government of Malawi by Professor Dick Durevall and Dr. Richard Mussa, with assistance from the International Labour Organisation

  8. Demographic ageing and employment in India

    Joint publication with the ILO Regional Office for Asia andthe Pacific

  9. Employment and social protection in the new demographic context

    Employment Policy Department and Social Security Department

Key resources

  1. C122 Employment Policy Convention, 1964
    09 July 1964

    Convention concerning Employment Policy
    (Note: Date of coming into force: 07/15/1966.)

  2. R169 Employment Policy (Supplementary Provisions) Recommendation, 1984
    26 June 1984


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