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Regional Fair Migration Project in the Middle East (FAIRWAY)

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The Middle East is recognized as one of the main destination regions for migrant workers globally – hosting more than 32 million migrants, mostly migrant workers. Migration to these wealthy countries has provided countless jobs and generated billions of dollars in remittances for migrant workers and their families. In offering the chance to learn new skills and escape poverty in the home country while helping to solve the large labour shortages in the Middle East, migration is generally welcomed by both origin and destination countries. However, the complicated and expensive processes associated with migrating for work have created a regime which lends itself to exploitative recruitment and working conditions for migrant workers. Low skilled workers in particular – often from Asia and Africa – face multiple decent work deficits.

The Regional Fair Migration Project in the Middle East (FAIRWAY project) supports implementation of the ILO Fair Migration Agenda in the region (endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Dialogue in November 2014), and other ILO projects in addressing the decent work deficits of migrant workers. In particular, the project promotes fair migration (including fair recruitment) and contributes to combating forced labour and trafficking for labour exploitation.

Strategy and Objectives

The FAIRWAY project has a three-pronged strategy to:
  1. Promote labour migration-related policy change for fair migration that is informed by evidence-based policy advice;
  2. support improved implementation of laws and policies by strengthening institutional mechanisms and operational modalities in target countries; and
  3. build a more conducive environment for decent work of male and female migrant workers by addressing discriminatory attitudes and actions towards migrant workers.
The project operates at the regional level and offers country-specific assistance and support, with particular focus on the sectors in which low-skilled migrant workers predominate – construction and domestic work.

Timeframe: January 2016 - December 2018

Latest from FAIRWAY

  1. Event

    ILO hosts briefing on labour migration for senior editors and directors at Jordan News Agency

    The briefing focuses on principles for rights-based, ethical and gender-sensitive reporting on labour migration in Jordan

  2. Newsletter

    Window for Dialogue Newsletter, September 2018 Edition

    03 November 2018

    The quarterly ‘Window for Dialogue’ Newsletter is developed for civil society and social partners across the Middle East who conduct outreach and campaigns to change public attitudes towards migrant domestic workers. The Newsletter provides a platform for exchange of information, ideas, strategies and evidence on ‘what works’ in campaigns, leading us to better develop and design new interventions.

  3. News

    ILO and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry convene training on worker welfare for construction companies

    06 September 2018

    Construction company members of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) have met to discuss key concepts on worker welfare and explore how these can be integrated throughout companies’ supply chains.