ILO in Asia and the Pacific

  • World Day against Trafficking in Persons

    Working together against trafficking in persons

  • Fighting child labour

    Out of child labour and into education in Vietnam

    Child labour has long-term consequences well after childhood. But in the mountains of northern Vietnam, there is new hope for children who were once trapped in the cycle of child labour.

  • World Day Against Child Labour

    ‘Til Everyone Can See - Thai rock stars use their talents to fight child labour

    Thailand's biggest rock stars talk about 'Til Everyone Can See - the Thai version and their inspiration to join the International Labour Organization's campaign against child labour.

  • Child labour

    The way back to school

    An ILO project has successfully taken children in Sri Lanka’s tea plantations out of child labour.

  • Labour inspection

    Technology lightens the load for factory inspector

    A new tablet App called ‘LISA’ is making it easier for Sri Lanka’s labour inspectors to monitor cases and labour law compliance.

What's new

  1. Human trafficking

    Labour migration: The dark side of the coin

    A new ILO study exposes the pitfalls of labour migration for women domestic workers both within India and abroad and provides policy-makers and service providers with deeper insight into the nature of forced labour and trafficking in the region.

  1. Growth continues for Cambodia's garment and footwear sector

    The ILO’s new Bulletin on Cambodia’s garment and footwear sector was launched today, 16 July 2015, in Phnom Penh.

  2. Child Labour

    Thai rock stars song against child labour reaches one million hits

    The anti-child labour song recorded by two of Thailand’s rock music icons has reached a million hits on social media within less than one month of being released.

  3. Women in business and management

    Women's labour market participation key for economic and business growth in Asia-Pacific says new report

    Ways of maximising the use of female talent in the Asia-Pacific workforce were examined at an international conference in Singapore on 3 July 2015.

  4. Exhibition and discussion

    ‘No one should work this way’ Preventing the abuse of domestic workers

    Photos taken by the renowned photographer Steve McCurry of abused domestic workers will be exhibited at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong SAR during the month of July. In addition, an opening event and presentation on the photo project will take place on Thursday, 2 July.

  5. Cook Islands become 186th ILO member State

  6. 104th International Labour Conference

    ILO Director-General calls for global initiative on the future of work

    "We need to look at the longer term drivers of change, the transformational mega-trends, and what they imply for the goals we pursue in the ILO in its second century," said Guy Ryder in front of more than 4,000 delegates gathering in Geneva.

  7. Changing nature of jobs - World Employment and Social Outlook 2015

    How is the world of work changing? Are permanent contracts the norm or the exception? Discover the new World Employment and Social Outlook 2015 (WESO).

  8. E-newsletter

    News@ILO, June-July 2015

    The latest newsletter of the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific, covering the latest activities in the region, upcoming activities and recent publications.

Key resources

  1. Publication

    The changing nature of jobs reflects growing insecurity

    This research note provides a brief overview of the latest edition of the ILO's flagship World Employment and Social Outlook, entitled "The Changing Nature of Jobs". The main findings are presented with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

  2. Publication

    Asia-Pacific Labour Market Update, February 2015

    Provides a snapshot of recent labour market trends for a number of economies in the Asia-Pacific region, based on official data available as of 6 January 2015, with special coverage on high and rising income inequality trends and labour market policies to foster inclusive growth.

  3. Publication

    Minimum wages in the global garment industry

    This research note provides a brief overview of minimum wages for the garment sector in the top 25 apparel exporters from the developing world.

  4. ASEAN Community 2015: Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

    The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), a single regional common market and production base, will become a reality in 2015. New opportunities for growth and prosperity will emerge, but the challenge is to ensure that growth is inclusive and prosperity is shared. The report examines the impact of the AEC on labour markets and offers evidence-based policy recommendations.

  5. Labour related statistics

    A database of labour statistics and methodologies covering the economically active population, employment, unemployment, wages and related variables.