ILO in Asia and the Pacific

  • Voices from the World of Work: ILO staff/Asia-Pacific

    In the first of our video voices series to mark the 100th anniversary next year of the International Labour Organization, ILO staff in the Asia-Pacific region share their thoughts on the organization, its centenary, and how it is helping to shape the future of work.

  • Our impact, their voices

    Challenging sexual harassment across the factory floor

    Better Work, the joint programme of the ILO and the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), sheds light on the an underreported issue of harassment in the workplace and ways to tackle it.

ILO's research and publications

  1. Time-use surveys and statistics

    Time-use surveys and statistics in Asia and the Pacific: A review of challenges and future directions

    May 2018

    The report on time-use surveys and statistics in Asia and the pacific is a joint ILO-UNDP publication presenting a review of the recent situation and challenges on time-use statistics in the Region, with the main objective to advocate for better collection and use of time-use data in support of policy development such as gender equality.