ILO in Asia and the Pacific

  • Video interview

    "The youth crisis is definitely not over"

    Youth guarantees, entrepreneurship and apprenticeships are tools to getting over 74 million youth back to work, said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder at the ILO's APYouthNet talk show. Guy Ryder also explained the reasons why the political commitment of several countries has not yet translated into concrete results.

  • Skills for a brighter future

    Refugees in a camp along Thai-Myanmar border are equipped with livelihood and buisness skills for a better future.

  • Rise in Asia's wages outpaces rest of the world

    The Asia Pacific region has outperformed the rest of the world when it comes to wage growth, according to the ILO's Global Wage Report 2014-2015. Malte Luebker, the ILO's Senior Regional Wage Specialist for Asia discusses wages across the region with the BBC.

  • No one should work this way – ending the abuse of Asian domestic workers

    There are more than 52 million domestic workers worldwide but the vast majority are unprotected by labour laws. This leaves them open to – sometimes terrible – abuse and exploitation. The journalist Karen Emmons worked with the photographer Steve McCurry on a documentary project to record and expose some of the treatment experienced by Asian migrant domestic workers.

  • Dancing Togther against Child Labour

     An up-and-coming hip-hop dance group, The Zoo Thailand, put their talent to good use and joined the ILO in its campaign to end child labour.

  • After Haiyan

    The Philippines builds back better, greener, stronger

    Supertyphoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013. ILO emergency employment programmes were in place by December in the hardest hit areas. Special report one year after the storm.

What's new

  1. World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2015

    Unemployment on the rise over next five years as inequality persists

    Sluggish jobs recovery and social instability are the result of greater inequality says ILO in its new report on global employment trends.

  1. Gender equality

    Global momentum means more women move into management

    New study shows positive link between female leadership and business performance and urges boost from current 5 per cent of women in top positions.

  2. Minimum wage

    ILO calls on global garment buyers to help absorb Cambodia's new minimum wage

    The new wage, which came into effect today (January 1), will raise factory owners' labour costs by nearly 20 per cent while their margins are shrinking.

  3. International Migrant's Day

    Skills for a brighter future

    Refugees in a camp along Thai-Myanmar border are equipped with livelihood and buisness skills for a better future.

  4. Youth Employment

    Taking tourism beyond natural beauty

    The ILO’s JOY project is changing residents’ lives in Nongkojajar, East Java and transforming the once quiet town into an agrotourism destination.

  5. Textile and garment sector

    Buyers Forum for Pakistan established

    The first Buyers’ Meeting in Islamabad to promote decent work for the sustainability of textile and garment sector in Pakistan concluded with the establishment of a Buyers Forum for Pakistan.

  6. Emergency employment programme

    ILO initial estimates reveal 800,000 workers affected by Hagupit; stands ready to assist through emergency employment

    In response to the impact of Typhoon Hagupit, the ILO stands ready to support the Philippines' government through emergency employment and sustainable livelihood.

  7. Report

    Asia Pacific wage growth dynamic but uneven, new ILO report says

    The Asia and Pacific Supplement looks at the region in more detail. It includes special sections on Asia’s garment sector, China’s private enterprises, Thailand’s manufacturing sector, India’s rural workers and the Pacific Island countries.

  8. Domestic workers

    FCCT to exhibit Steve McCurry photos of abused domestic workers

    An exhibition of photos of abused domestic workers by American photographer Steve McCurry will open at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) on 21 November 2014.

  9. E-newsletter

    News@ILO, December 2014/ January 2015

    The latest newsletter of the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific, covering the latest activities in the region, upcoming activities and recent publications.

  10. Publication

    Minimum wages in the global garment industry

    This research note provides a brief overview of minimum wages for the garment sector in the top 25 apparel exporters from the developing world.

Key resources

  1. ASEAN Community 2015: Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

    The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), a single regional common market and production base, will become a reality in 2015. New opportunities for growth and prosperity will emerge, but the challenge is to ensure that growth is inclusive and prosperity is shared. The report examines the impact of the AEC on labour markets and offers evidence-based policy recommendations.

  2. Labour related statistics

    A database of labour statistics and methodologies covering the economically active population, employment, unemployment, wages and related variables.