ILO in Asia and the Pacific

  • The rural economy: An untapped source of jobs, growth and development

    Decent work in the rural economy is key to fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ pledge to leave no one behind. In post-earthquake rural Nepal, the ILO is promoting investment and better infrastructure to increase opportunities for decent jobs so that young people will not be pushed to migrate to the cities and abroad.

Focus on

  1. Bali declaration

    Governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations in the region to do more to promote inclusive growth, social justice and decent work.

ILO's Highlights

  1. ILO's centenary initiative

    Join the global dialogue on the Future of Work

    Recognizing the pressing need to begin marshalling global expertise to make the future of work the one we want, the ILO launched the Future of Work Centenary Initiative.

  2. 9-24 March

    329th Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Worker, employer and government representatives of the Executive Body of the ILO discussed global employment and social challenges, review basic labour rights and the ILO programme and budget proposals for 2018-19.