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Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)

  • Domestic Workers

    Who cares for the carers?

    At last, some good news on protecting vulnerable workers in the home - An OP-ED on the Domestic Workers Convention by Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General.

  • International Labour Conference

    105th Session of the International Labour Conference, June 2016

    From 30 May to 10 June, Government, Employers’ and Workers’ representatives from 187 member States will discuss a series of world of work issues including global supply chains; decent work for peace, security and disaster resilience, as well as the impact of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization. Delegates will also consider amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention and review the report of the Director-General on poverty.

  • Trade union rights

    ILO Director-General expresses concern over freedom of association in Egypt

    “I wish to stress that it is the responsibility of the Government to ensure the application of the international labour Conventions on freedom of association that it has freely ratified and which must be respected by all state authorities,” said Guy Ryder in a letter to the Egyptian President.

What's new

  1. 105th session of the International Labour Conference

    The realization of decent work in Global supply chains: ILO’s role is recognized

    23 June 2016

  2. News

    Subregional seminar on “Informal Economy: trade union policies and actions”

    14 June 2016

  3. 327th session of the ILO Governing Body

    ILO Governing Body elects Dr. Ulrich Seidenberger as new chairperson

    11 June 2016

  4. Our impact, their voice

    “Step out of the shadow!”: How cartoons support a campaign to formalize the Kyrgyz economy

    06 June 2016

  5. Discussion of the Director General Report The End to Poverty Initiative – The ILO and the 2030 Agenda

    Plenary Sitting: Speech by Mr Luc Cortebeeck Chairperson of the Workers’ Group

    01 June 2016

Key resources

  1. Newsletter

    ACTRAV INFO: May 2016

    31 May 2016

    ACTRAV INFO, A monthly newsletter produced by the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV),No. 62, May 2016.

  2. Manual

    Trade Unions and Child Labour: A tool for action

    24 March 2016

    The eradication of child labour is a necessary step on the path to decent work for all and for sustainable development. It requires political will at the national and global levels, implementation of all ILO conventions (particularly Conventions 138 and 182), investment in education and universal social protection, as well as decent work for adults. Trade unions have a vital role to play in bringing about these changes.

  3. International Journal of Labour Research

    Decent work in global supply chains

    12 December 2015

    The Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh in April 2013 brought to the attention of the global community the appalling working conditions experienced by workers in global supply chains (GSCs).