Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)
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Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)

The Mandate of the Bureau for Workers' Activities is to strengthen representative, independent and democratic trade unions in all countries, to enable them to play their role effectively in protecting workers' rights and interests and in providing effective services to their members at national and international levels, and to promote the ratification and implementation of ILO Conventions.


  1. 369 days after Rana Plaza, where are we and where do we want to go? The role of the ILO
    22 April 2014

    28th of April has been established by the International Labour Movement as "Workers' Memorial Day". The ILO has supported the move and in 2003 declared it the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

  2. Trade unions and worker cooperatives: Where are we at?
    1 April 2014

    Last May, ACTRAV and the ILO cooperative branch held a seminar on the topic of relations between trade unions and worker cooperatives. The goal was to re-examine the relationship between the two movements by taking stock of recent initiatives around the world.

  3. ACTRAV INFO: March 2014
    31 March 2014

    ACTRAV INFO, A monthly newsletter produced by the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), No. 36, March 2014.

  4. Process of Trade Union Self-Reform in the Americas: Advances of the Working Group on Trade Union Self-Reform (WGSR) between 2010-2013
    27 February 2014

    The Working Group on Trade Union Self-Reform (WGSR) was created in April 2009 with support of the FSAL project (Strengthening Trade Unions to meet the new challenges of integration in Latin America) - executed in the framework of ACTRAV - and more recently with support of the ACTRAV/Norway Project “Trade Unions for Social Justice”.

  5. ACTRAV Symposium: Income Inequality, Labour Market Institutions and Workers’ Power (10-13 December 2013)
    2 December 2013

    Inequality is on the rise, both on a global level and within most countries. While the world economy is on a slow recovery, the spread of precarious employment relations contributes to widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

  6. Converging against child labour – A training manual for trade unions

    This training manual is intended to work as an aid to build an understanding on child labour issues and suggests strategies for Trade Unions to deal with the issue of child labour in a coordinated and convergent manner.

  7. ILO Workers’ Group Priorities (2011-2014)
    29 January 2013

    This document is the result of consultations held by the Chair of the Workers’ Group with members of the Group, its Secretariat and the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV).

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  1. Occupational Safety and Health

    Putting workers' rights in place in Bangladesh
    17 April 2014

  2. High Level Panel on Decent Work for Fragile States

    Fragile States: Supporting a path towards greater resilience
    26 March 2014

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