Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)

  • 24 October – 7 November 2019

    337th Session of the Governing Body

    What are the main topics in the agenda of the 337th Session of the ILO Governing Body? Find out more here...

  • 7-8 October 2019

    Symposium on the Future of Work We Want

    How workers and their organizations can address the challenges of the Future of Work?

  • ILO Centenary

    The Driving Force of the ILO

    The International Labour Organization is celebrating its 100 years in 2019. However, there is a little-known page in the history of this tripartite Organization: Who is the driving force behind the setting up of the ILO? Discover the story of the ILO Workers Group…

  • 10–21 June 2019

    Building a future with decent work: The 108th International Labour Conference

    The 108th International Labour Conference gets underway in Geneva, Switzerland from 10 to 21 June 2019. This year's session brings together over 5,000 delegates from around the globe to find solutions to the challenges of the future of the world of work, and celebrate the Centenary of the International Labour Organization.

  • Gender Equality

    Important role for trade unions in addressing gender pay gap

    By targeting overall gender discrimination, promoting inclusive wage setting, pursuing specific gender pay equality measures and enhancing women’s representation in decision-making, trade unions can contribute effectively to addressing the gender pay gap.