Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)

  • 30 October-09 November 2023

    349th Session of the Governing Body

    The ILO’s Governing Body will meet in Geneva for its 349th Session, between 30 October – 09 November. Discussions among the representatives of Governments, Workers and Employers will include the report of the Director-General, update on the Global Coalition for Social Justice, developments in the United Nations system and review of the implementation of the strategy to give effect to the resolution concerning the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work.

Publications and briefs

  1. Trade Union Revitalization

    Trade unions navigating and shaping change

    20 March 2023

  2. Trade Union Revitalization

    Digital technologies and trade union revitalization in the Arab States region

    07 March 2023

  3. New Technologies

    Improving Workers' Data Rights

    28 November 2022

Key areas of work

  1. Trade Unions in Transformation: Actors for Change

    The Future of Work is uncertain. The world of work is faced with multiple transformations in the context of changing labour markets, driven by technological advancement and digitalisation, climate and environmental changes, globalization and demographic shifts. ACTRAV’s programme on Trade Unions in Transformation : Actors for Change supports trade unions to engage in this debate and to strengthen transformative action on the future of trade unions.

Key resources

  1. International Journal of Labour Research

    Trade Union Revitalization: Organizing new forms of work including platform workers

    This edition highlights the experiences of trade union revitalization worldwide with an emphasis on trade union unity and cooperation and the challenge of organizing new forms of work including platforms workers where young people are over-represented.

  2. Manual

    Dealing with crises arising from conflicts and disasters-ILO training manual for workers’ organizations

    This training manual focusses on situations that are at the crossroads of humanitarian assistance, development, peacebuilding and resilience. It contributes to anchoring the role of the ILO and the social partners across this field.

  3. Guide

    Workers’ guide to ILO Conventions concerning minimum standards of social security

    The guide aims to help workers’ representatives to promote the ratification of ILO standards, and in particular Convention No. 102, and to ensure their application at national level as a basis for progressively extending adequate and sustainable social protection to all.

  4. Report

    Decent work deficits among rural workers

    This report is a summary of the findings of 16 case studies commissioned by the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) in mid-2021 to examine the situation concerning decent work and existing opportunities for trade union organizing in rural economies in selected countries and economic sectors in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Eastern Europe.

  5. Report

    Social Dialogue Report 2022: Collective bargaining for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery

    This first edition of this new ILO flagship report focuses on collective bargaining.