Occpational safety and health

Assessment of Drivers and Constraints for Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Global Supply Chain in Myanmar

Vision Zero Fund aims to prevent and reduce work-related accidents, injuries and diseases by strengthening public frameworks and establishing sustainable business practices in global supply chains (GSCs). Vision Zero Fund Myanmar Phase II started in May 2020 and will be implemented until April 2023. Based on stakeholder consultations, the project will start activities in a third GSC – namely, construction.

The general objective of this assessment of occupational safety and health (OSH) drivers and constraints in the construction global supply chain (GSC) in Myanmar is to provide an understanding of the construction market; its opportunities and its market environment; stakeholders involved in production and supporting functions; OSH deficits in work processes involved; and the drivers and constraints related to OSH improvement. This analysis will help identify potential interventions models that can help address OSH deficits in the sector.