COVID-19 Impact on Employment and Labour Market in Myanmar

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the livelihoods of workers and families in countries around the world. In Myanmar, the pandemic could ultimately lead to a socioeconomic crisis if the right policies and plans are not well designed and implemented. The COVID-19 Impact Assessment on Employment and Labour Market in Myanmar presents the findings to help guide the Government of Myanmar and the social partners in their unrelenting efforts to support affected businesses and vulnerable workers.

Briefing note | 27 July 2020
The assessment examines the impact on enterprises and jobs, in particular sectoral risk assessment, impact on vulnerable populations, garment and textile manufacturing, and tourism and hospitality. While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many long-standing social and labour market fragilities, it also presents a rare opportunity for Myanmar to build a new and better normal that is environmentally sustainable and inclusive of all.