Rapid Assessment on Child Domestic Work in Myanmar

The Rapid Assessment on Child Domestic Work (CDW) has been conducted to capture the dynamics of CDW in selected areas of Myanmar. The knowledge generated in the context of this RA will be used to increase the level of awareness and advocacy with the aim of transforming potential social attitudes of acceptance of child labour in domestic work and the potential beliefs that these situations represent a protective environment for children – especially for girls. On the other hand, a key objective of the RA is to provide concrete elements to take policy action to end child labour and to protect young workers, of legal working age, in domestic work.

Child domestic work and child labour in domestic work are ubiquitous in Myanmar. Children migrate into domestic employment from rural or peri-urban areas, affected by poverty, the lack of income-generating activities or opportunities, armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters. The majority of children in domestic work are girls in line with societal mores, which place females in the domestic sphere. Child labour in domestic work is predominantly caused by excessive working hours, which range from 4/5 am until nightfall, debt bondage, seclusion experienced by the youngest of child domestic workers, physical and verbal abuse, as well as sexual exploitation.