Programmes and projects

  1. Promotion of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as tools for Peace in Myanmar

    This project, which is funded by the European Union, aims to support the consolidation of the peace process through a holistic approach which will seek to address past, and prevent future, human rights abuses through the operation and extension of the Forced Labour Complaints Mechanism, the enhanced respect for International Labour Standards and national law and the promotion of the application of national and international labour standards in SEZs.

  2. Supporting the Improvement of the Legal and Institutional Framework on Occupational Safety and Health in Myanmar

    This project aims to contribute to better, safer and healthier working conditions in Myanmar.

  3. Supporting the Implementation of Sustainable Social Protection Floors for Workers and their Families in ASEAN

    This project aims to build a better social protection system for ASEAN countries by securing income, increasing access to social services, and enhancing the employability of female and male workers, with a specific focus on two countries; Cambodia and Myanmar.

  4. Supporting Tourism in Myanmar through Business Management Training

    The project will create in-country capacity for the roll-out of entrepreneurship and business skills training and provision of related support services for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector who in turn are expected to contribute to job creation and the improvement of working conditions among SME workers.

  5. Prevent the recruitment and use of children by armed forces/groups in Myanmar as an entry point for durable peace

    The project will support the implementation of the Joint Action Plan to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children by the Tatmadaw, to identify, verify and discharge underage recruits still associated with the Tatmadaw as well as support their reintegration back into their communities.

  6. Scaling Up: Skills For Trade & Economic Diversification (STED) Myanmar

    The “Scaling up: Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED) Myanmar” Project aims to improve the outcomes of Myanmar’s skill trainings and link them to the country’s export growth for more and better jobs in the selected export sectors (Tourism and Agriculture).

  7. Responsible Industry Development in the Garment and Fisheries Sectors in Myanmar

    Through its tripartite constituency and its other on-going initiatives, the ILO project Responsible Industry Development in the garment and fisheries sectors will work through value chain assessments, on the regulatory framework, on helping improve the capacity of the private sector and on enhancing public/private dialogue.

  8. Support to build a national social protection in Myanmar

    The ILO’s work on social protection in Myanmar follows a two-dimensional extension strategy which aims at establishing a nationally defined social protection floor for all (horizontal dimension) and progressively ensuring higher levels of social security to as many people as possible (vertical dimension).

  9. Promoting Freedom of Association in Myanmar

    To support Myanmar in its democratic transition, the project Promoting Freedom of Association and Social Dialogue in Myanmar was launched in October 2013. The project aims to improve democratic governance through improved labour market policies and strengthened institutions and actors.

  10. Building an evidence base on human trafficking in vulnerable sectors in Myanmar

    The activities under the project aims at expanding the knowledge and evidence on the nature and magnitude of human trafficking in the country.