Building an evidence base on human trafficking in vulnerable sectors in Myanmar

The activities under the project aims at expanding the knowledge and evidence on the nature and magnitude of human trafficking in the country.

Special focus will be given to sectors, vulnerable to labour exploitation such as domestic work. Survey information will be used to inform the Government of Myanmar and other key stakeholders about trafficking in persons (TIP) and to provide recommendations for future interventions and programming in this area. Additional support will be given to implement follow-up activities based on the recommendations and identified priorities.


  1. To increase awareness on forced labour and human trafficking through the training of community facilitators so that they are in position to conduct the quantitative survey on internal human trafficking in Myanmar.
  2. To produce new and better evidence on internal labour trafficking in Myanmar and effective preventive measures
  3. To disseminate survey results and recommendations to key government officials, community-based organizations and other key stakeholders for evidence-based action


  1. Rapid assessment on forced labour and human trafficking
  2. Training workshop for ILO complaints network volunteers
  3. Information leaflet for local population on forced labour research
  4. Final survey report
  5. Media and communication information that publicize the survey results
  6. Civil society network workshop conducted

Expected Outcome

Knowledge and information on the extent of forced labour and human trafficking are critical in their prevention. The information/knowledge gained from the research shall be utilized to inform the ILO and the United States Government in their decision to increase support and commitment in combatting human trafficking. This will also include building the capacity of the civil society to support the Government in anti-trafficking efforts throughout the country.