Support to build a national social protection in Myanmar

The ILO’s work on social protection in Myanmar follows a two-dimensional extension strategy which aims at establishing a nationally defined social protection floor for all (horizontal dimension) and progressively ensuring higher levels of social security to as many people as possible (vertical dimension).


It includes two complementary components:
  • Component 1: Support the elaboration process of a national social protection strategy for Myanmar through an Assessment-Based National Dialogue (ABND) exercise, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the social protection needs and programmes, leading to recommendations to the government on the progressive establishment of a social protection floor in Myanmar.
  • Component 2: Support the Social Security Board in the sound design of the new social security schemes – including institutional and actuarial studies - as well as the reinforcement of its capacities with a view to provide recommendations for the future amendment of the social security law and subsequent rules.


  1. Social protection assessment matrix for Myanmar: mapping of social protection programmes, legal framework for social protection, gap analysis and first recommendations to build a social protection floor.
  2. Social Protection Assessment Based National Dialogue (ABND) report, including consensual recommendations and costed policy options for the implementation of a social protection floor in Myanmar.
  3. Evaluation of the Social Security Board (SSB) operations and first phase of implementation of the social security law, 2012.
  4. Draft national social protection strategy, including comments and inputs from the ABND report and ILO principles.
  5. First set of actuarial tools for the financial sustainability of five social security schemes (medical care, sickness, maternity, death, work injury) are handed over to the SSB.
  6. ILO recommendations for the amendment of the Social Security Law 2012.

Expected outcome

The project aims to contribute to design a more comprehensive and inclusive social protection system through the effective implementation of the social security law and the progressive establishment of a nationally defined social protection floor.
The activities and products act in synergies with the broader labour law reforms on going in the country.