Promotion of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as tools for Peace in Myanmar

This project, which is funded by the European Union, aims to support the consolidation of the peace process through a holistic approach which will seek to address past, and prevent future, human rights abuses through the operation and extension of the Forced Labour Complaints Mechanism, the enhanced respect for International Labour Standards and national law and the promotion of the application of national and international labour standards in SEZs.


  1. The peace process is consolidated by employing mechanisms to both address past and prevent future human rights abuses, in particular related to forced labour, in the ethnic conflict areas through the application of the principles of restorative justice
  2. Enhanced respect for International Labour Standards and national laws, including the gender dimensions thereof
  3. Promotion of corporate social responsibility on the part of national and foreign direct investors, in particular with regard to labour standards, and their application in SEZs and other commercial developments in or in close proximity to conflict affected areas.


  1. Database of unanswered complaints out of the reports of the ILO Committee of Experts and the Government of Myanmar/ILO Forced Labour Complaints Mechanism
  2. Investigations into outstanding forced labour complaints facilitated
  3. Awareness raising activities with Non State actors and ethnic communities, local Government personnel, the Tatmadaw and NSAG’s, as to their respective rights and responsibilities under the law undertaken
  4. Employment/local economic development opportunities for ethnic communities in, or in close proximity to, conflict affected areas supported
  5. Training workshops to support the Government of Myanmar, the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, foreign investors, workers and their representatives towards the practical application of national and international standards particularly but not limited to SEZ’s conducted.

Expected outcome

It is envisaged that the project will be able to contribute to the peacebuilding process through a rights-based approach. Social cohesion will be improved as communities effected by forced labour, as well as ethnic populations effected by conflict, are empowered to freely and confidently decide on their life choices through improved relations with local authorities, and greater respect for the rule of law. Communication and dialogue among stakeholders strengthened that will help improve working conditions in compliance with national laws which are more in accordance with international standards.