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  1. Vision Zero Fund project (VZF) supports Workshop on Strategic Compliance Planning for Government Inspectors to Improve Safety and Health in Myanmar

    13 February 2020

    Senior inspectors and Government officials gathered in Nay Pyi Taw for an FGLLID-ILO workshop on improving safety and health in Myanmar through better strategic planning. In addition to FGLLID inspectors from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, there were also participants from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation; the Ministry of Construction; the Ministry of Health and Sports; the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation; and the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry.

  2. ILO supports the Social Security Board, employers, and workers in preparing to scale-up an enhanced version of the Employment Injury Insurance scheme

    24 January 2020

    Workers, employers and the Social Security Board (SSB) gather in Naypyidaw to discuss the results of the employment injury insurance (EII) pilot in Hlaing Tharyar (Yangon) and Pyi Gyi Tha Kone (Mandalay) townships and the options for a scale-up to other townships. The ILO - Vision Zero Fund has been supporting the SSB in its administrative reform process that aims to transform SSB into a client-centric organization. The EII pilot helped 198,000 workers benefit from a more efficient and client-centric process to access the EII scheme.

  3. Myanmar: Future lawyers introduced to the key concepts and benefits of responsible business practices

    11 January 2020

    A presentation to law students excites interest in the benefits of improving conditions in Myanmar’s workplaces.


  1. Public attitudes towards migrant workers remain unfavourable in ASEAN destination countries

    18 December 2019

    Despite their positive contribution, public attitudes towards migrant workers remain unfavourable in ASEAN destination countries, new ILO and UN Women study reveals.

  2. Migrating in ASEAN with a mobile phone: Gender gaps are not only in migrants’ salaries, but also in digital access

    29 November 2019

    The increasingly widespread access to and use of the Internet in the ASEAN region has meant that more migrant workers are now seeking information using social media platforms. However, obtaining accurate and reliable information is still a challenge, not to mention gender gaps in digital access that women migrant workers face.

  3. Improving electrical inspection in Myanmar: Vision Zero Fund supported two-day workshop and five-day training for electrical inspection

    28 October 2019

    Vision Zero Fund (VZF) worked intensely alongside the Electrical Inspection Department, Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection (DISI), Ministry of Industry, in the month of September to strengthen technical concepts and inspection tools and practices for the benefit of Myanmar workers.

  4. ILO Deputy Director-General Visit to Myanmar

    24 October 2019

    The Deputy Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Mr Greg Vines addressed the ILO Centenary Celebration Event and the 14th National Tripartite Dialogue Meeting in Myanmar.

  5. ILO and its tripartite partners in Myanmar celebrate the Organization’s 100-year Anniversary

    21 October 2019

    The ILO underpins human-centered vision to advancing social justice and promoting decent work in Myanmar as it celebrates the organization’s 100th anniversary with tripartite plus organizations.

  6. SafeYouth@Work tripartite results and sustainability workshop

    16 October 2019

    The workshop was held from 14 to 16 October 2019 at ITC-ILO, Turin, Italy

  7. Bolstering the efforts to ensure decent working conditions for women migrants in Thai construction sector

    09 October 2019

    ILO organized a roundtable meeting on ‘Safety, protection and rights of women construction workers in Thailand” to identify possible intervention to ensure equal and fair pay, better living conditions, safety and protection of women migrant construction workers.