After COVID-19: A stronger Myanmar through responsible business practices

A conference on the impact of the pandemic and opportunities to build stronger, more resilient businesses has taken place online

Press release | 28 August 2020
YANGON (ILO News) -Responding to the economic crisis brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic will require creative and bold policy measures at the national level and amongst businesses, delegates to a high-level seminar were told this week.

The event, Promoting socially responsible labour practices for sustainable and resilient enterprises in time of crisis in Myanmar, co-organized with the European Chamber of Commerce brought together leaders of national industries, international business, unions and the ILO to discuss the economic and social outlook for Myanmar.

In his opening remarks, Donglin Li, International Labour Organization (ILO) Liaison Officer and Representative for Myanmar called for solutions that stimulate the economy, support decent work and protect the vulnerable.

Despite relatively low numbers of reported infections and fatalities - Myanmar, like many countries in Asia, has seen both supply and demand shocks to the economy profoundly impacting on key industries and supply chains.

The event included discussions on the role of responsible labour practices in business as a path to building resilience and sustainable enterprises. It also considered how the crisis could present opportunities to promote responsible business conduct in Myanmar as a path to building a stronger economy. This included how best to strike a balance between supporting the rights of workers and the need to preserve employment.

The two online sessions, with moderation and technical input from the ILO and its Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme, included more than 100 participants in each session.