Labour law reform

2018 Myanmar Stakeholder Forum on Labour Law Reform and Institutional Capacity Building

The Initiative to Promote Fundamental Labour Rights and Practices in Myanmar is convening the 3rd edition of its Stakeholder Forum to discuss the ongoing labour law reform and the 2018 roadmap for national economic development.

The Initiative to Promote Fundamental Labour Rights and Practices in Myanmar is pleased to announce the 2018 Stakeholder Forum, organized with the support of the government of Myanmar, Denmark, the European Union, Japan, the United States, and the ILO.

The 2018 Stakeholder Forum, kindly funded by the European Union and designed to build on the success of the previous two Forums, will bring together representatives of labour, business, government, and civil society. Participants will engage with the Government and Parliament of Myanmar, as well as with other stakeholders, in discussions around the ongoing labour law reform and their priority for national economic development, and will develop a roadmap for the next 12 months.


In Myanmar, labour law reform is formally being undertaken under the National Tripartite Dialogue Forum (NTDF). The NTDF was established in 2015 and is a tripartite, independent consultative body whose role is to give advice to the Government, through the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, on a variety of labour market issues, including labour law development and reform.

The NTDF is chaired by the Union Minister of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and consists of equal number of representatives nominated by the Ministry of Labour, as well as by the employers’ organizations and workers’ organizations.

To complement the work of the NTDF, a Technical Working Group on Labour Law Reform (TWG-LLR) was established in September 2015, to provide, among others, the opportunity for the tripartite parties (i.e. Government, employers and workers) to consult and discuss about the technical issues related to labour legislations including their reform. The tripartite members of the TWG-LLR are designated by the Union Minister and heads of the representative employers’ and workers’ organisations respectively.

Both the NTDF and the TWG-LLR are well represented by both women and men on an equal standing.

Since 2015, several NTDF and TWG-LLR meetings have been convened, with the technical assistance from the ILO, and provided opportunities for the tripartite parties to exchange views and consult on the amendment of some key labour laws such as Employment Contract, Labour Organization Law, Settlement of Labour Dispute Law and Occupational Safety and Health Law.

For more information, please contact Ms Natsu Nogami, Chief Technical Advisor.