ILO Office for the United States


  1. Global Discussion Series - UPCOMING

    From Conflict to Recovery: Creating decent jobs in Iraq

    March 10, 2021
    10:00 to 11:00am EST
    Register here

    This webinar will be an opportunity to reflect back at the opportunities and challenges thus far for the ILO in Iraq and examine ways forward in terms of exploring news areas of interventions and expanding collaborations with international partners, the donor community and our local partners on the ground.

  2. Global Discussion Series (CONCLUDED)

    Strengthening Labour Market Governance in Uzbekistan

    28 January, 2021
    9am to 10:15am  EST
    Via Zoom. 

    Join our experts and distinguished guests for the release of the 2020 Cotton Harvest in Uzbekistan.

  3. Global Discussion Series- POSTPONED

    The Impact of Labor Reform in Viet Nam 

    9 December 2020
    10am to 11:15am EST

    Viet Nam will soon enter uncharted territory with the implementation of the 2019 Labor Code. It has the potential to bring about important changes in labor-management relations and possibly a new era for independent trade unions at the enterprise level. Join us for a discussion on the impact of labor reform in Viet Nam.

U. S. Funded Projects


  1. Viet Nam

    New industrial relations framework in respect of ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

    The New Industrial Relations Framework project, funded by USDOL, has been established to provide technical support to Viet Nam, as it undertakes reforms in the areas of industrial relations and labour law, in order to update and strengthen its’ industrial relations framework and align labour laws with International Labour Standards, on freedom of association, collective bargaining, forced labour, child labour and non-discrimination.

  2. Myanmar

    Myanmar Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (My-PEC)

    The project approach is two phased. The first phase aims at expanding the knowledge base through research, while the second phase is focused on delivery of interventions – both at the national and community level.


  1. Yemen

    Countering the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen

    The project aims at preventing the recruitment of children and youth and to sustainably reintegrate children formally associated with the conflict in Hajjah, Sanaa and Lahj governorates in Yemen (Specific Objective). The socioeconomic integration of children associated with armed forces and armed groups (CAAFAG), vulnerable youth and marginalized groups will contribute to stabilization and security of the targeted areas (Overall Goal).

  2. Jordan

    Better Work Jordan - Phase II

    The second phase of the project will transition the project from a joint ILO-IFC initiative to a Jordanian entity. By the end of Phase 2, BWJ will be wholly managed by a national entity with a significant portion of the operating costs for the delivery of core services covered by revenues generated by the entity.


  1. Uzbekistan

    Support the implementation of the Decent Work Country Programme in Uzbekistan

    The overall purpose of this project is to support a reduction in child labor and forced labor and promote decent work in Uzbekistan, through the framework of the Decent Work Country Program agreement between the Government of Uzbekistan and the ILO.

  2. Turkey

    Decent Work Opportunities for Refugees and Host Communities in Turkey

    Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the project aims to strengthen the resilience and social cohesion of refugees and host communities in Turkey by promoting access to decent work and inclusive economic growth underpinned by decent work principles.


  1. Malaysia, Mauritnia, Global

    A Bridge to Global Action on Forced Labor

    The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB), has provided funding to the International Labour Organization (ILO) for a project to support global and national efforts aimed at combating forced labor under the 2014 ILO Protocol and Recommendation on Forced Labor.

  2. Market based livelihood interventions for refugees and host communities in Niger

    Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the project will focus in particular on a) raising awareness of the forced labour Protocol and measures against forced labour, especially in rural areas where traditional forms of slavery continue unquestioned, b) building the capacity of the government at national and local levels to implement forced labour laws and combat traditional practices of slavery, c) offering improved livelihoods to former forced labourers in order to reduce their dependency on their former masters.


  1. Peru

    Action against child trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation in Peru – phase II

    The project aims to reduce child trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation in Peru with a geographical focus on the regions of Lima, Cusco and Loreto. The project will contribute to stronger coordination among a wide array of stakeholders, harmonize current initiatives and bring an innovative approach to combat child trafficking efficiently while ensuring victims’ needs through the provision of specialized services.

  2. Dominican Republic

    Support efforts to combat child labor and improve working conditions in agriculture in Dominican Republic

    The overall objective of the project is to support the efforts of the Government of Dominican Republic and key stakeholders to combat child labour and improve working conditions in agriculture.