U.S. Initiatives

The United States is committed to preventing and responding to all forms of gender-based violence around the world. Below are a few initiatives launched to better prevent and respond to the many forms of GBV.

National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality in the U.S. (2022)

The Biden-Harris Administration established the White House Gender Policy Council, charged with leading the development of the first-ever National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, which sets forth an aspirational vision and a comprehensive agenda to advance gender equity and equality in domestic and foreign policy—and demonstrates that families, communities, and nations around the world stand to benefit.

The strategy identifies ten interconnected priorities: 1) economic security; 2) gender-based violence; 3) health; 4) education; 5) justice and immigration; 6) human rights and equality under the law; 7) security and humanitarian relief; 8) climate change; 9) science and technology; and 10) democracy, participation, and leadership. These priorities are inherently linked and must be tackled in concert.

A Proclamation on National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, 2022

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Fact Sheet: National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality

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Trucking Action Plan to Strengthen America’s Trucking Workforce (2021)

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Labor launched a Trucking Action Plan to increase the supply of truck drivers by creating new pathways into the profession, cutting red tape to expand high quality training through Registered Apprenticeship, and laying the foundation for improving job quality to keep people in the profession.

Executive Order on Establishment of the White House Gender Policy Council (2021)

On International Women's Day2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order establishing the White House Gender Policy Council and charged it with leading a government-wide effort to advance gender equity and equality both at home and abroad.

Executive Order on Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity (2021)

This Executive Order directs the U.S. Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, to propose policy changes within the next 100 days. These proposed policy changes are anticipated to affect the way colleges and universities handle campus sexual misconduct and sex discrimination allegations.