ILO and the Inter-American Development Bank

The ILO works with the IDB to create an inclusive and sustainable strategy aimed at promoting growth and development in Latin America and the Caribbean, with social justice and decent work. The collaboration between the two institutions is guided by a framework of cooperation that aims to tackle low productivity, inequality, the informal economy, and social exclusion, all of which are significant challenges in the region that hinder development and in the long-term may undermine progress.

The initiatives under the MoU are focused on job creation, the formalization of the informal economy, improving access to social financial services, expansion of social protection, youth employment, and better skills for higher labor force productivity. In addition to implementing projects on the ground, the partnership also includes collaboration between the two institutions in technical assistance, information exchange and knowledge sharing, policy analysis and evaluation, capacity building, dialogue and consultation. Working closely with governments, workers’ organizations and the private sector is a crucial component of the MoU.

The ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean leads the implementation of the MoU in the region and the ILO Office in Washington D.C. coordinates with IDB Headquarters.


  1. ILO, IDB sign agreement to promote more and better jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean

    22 April 2013
    Washington, D.C.

  2. Breakfast meeting

    4 June 2013
    Washington, D.C.

    ILO-Washington, participated in a working breakfast at the Inter-American Development Bank on June 4 to discuss challenges and opportunities for bridging the skills and productivity gap in Latin America and the Caribbean.