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Every worker,

everywhere, deserves a

safe &



Our goal is a world with zero workplace deaths, accidents and diseases. We look beyond conventional approaches to find new solutions to the challenge of worker safety and health in global supply chains.

We are activating

positive change in


supply chains.

We partner across sectors, at every level of the supply chain, to ensure that all workers, especially those who are most vulnerable, are safe and healthy. In just five years, our work has helped to improve the health and safety of more than 5.6 million workers.
Real IMPACT where it’s needed most.

We mobilize the best

ideas and partners to work


Launched by the G7 and endorsed by the G20, we are part of Safety & Health for All, an ILO flagship programme building a culture of safe, healthy work. By mobilising governments, employers, workers and the private sector in communities and countries around the world, we build sustainable, safe and healthy supply chains.


The inaugural VZF High-level Forum brought together 45+ leaders from across industries and organisations to discuss effective — and innovative — approaches to advancing the goal of achieving zero fatal work-related accidents and severe injuries and diseases in global supply chains.

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