Presentation of annexes in electronic version

Under the Rules of the Tribunal, “items of evidence must be numbered sequentially and be separately identified by means of tags, dividers or any other similar method”. This refers to the various supporting documents that may be provided as annexes to a complaint, reply, rejoinder or surrejoinder.

To facilitate the process of communicating the submissions to the parties and also to the judges of the Tribunal, the Registry systematically asks the parties to provide an electronic copy of their submissions, in addition to the usual printed copies.

It is important that the annexes to the parties’ submissions are also properly numbered and separately identified in the electronic copy.

If the annexes are scanned individually and sent to the Registry as separate documents, the file names (e.g. “Annex 1.pdf”, “Annex 2.pdf”, etc.) are sufficient to identify them. The numbering must, of course, be the same as on the printed version of the document.

Sometimes, however, a party’s submissions are scanned as a single document (comprising, for example, the complaint form, brief and the annexes in one single electronic file). In this case, we recommend that, before scanning the submissions, you insert a separator page ahead of each annex with the number of the annex clearly printed on it (Annex 1, Annex 2, etc.). In this way, it is possible to search the document using widely-available software such as Adobe Reader and to locate without difficulty a particular annex within the submissions, especially when the document is voluminous. Please note that the annex number must be printed on the separator page, not written by hand, as hand-written annotations cannot be located using the electronic search function.