Meeting with “stakeholders” of 4 May 2023

On 4 May 2023 the Tribunal organized in Geneva a meeting with the representatives of legal services and of several staff associations of organisations that recognize the Tribunal’s jurisdiction, as well as several lawyers who often represent parties before it.

The meeting was chaired by the President of the Tribunal, Judge Michael F. Moore, and attended by all the Judges.

The President first recalled the functioning of the Tribunal and gave details on the structure of its judgments.

Then, the participants had the opportunity to present their comments and observations on several matters relating both the remedies that the Tribunal usually orders, and the procedure for dealing with cases. They address, inter alia, the questions relating to the amount of damages granted in case of delay in the internal appeal procedure, the amount of costs, the rules regarding interveners, the possibility to suspend the application of an individual decision and the electronic filing of submissions, the delays in the procedure and the production of documents.

The Vice-President of the Tribunal, Judge Patrick Frydman, who is also the resident judge, gave details on his role and talked about his experience since his nomination to this new function. In particular, he addressed the issue of the disclosure of documents and explained the guiding principles for the adoption of his decisions on the complainants’ requests for disclosure.

President Moore also briefly presented main amendments to the Rules of the Tribunal that the Tribunal intends to adopt during the current session, relating, among others, to the limitation of the volume of written submissions.

Finally, he used this opportunity to announce the Registrar’s decision to leave the Tribunal.