Amendment to the Tribunal's Rules

During its 128th Session, the Tribunal decided to introduce to its Rules a new Article 7ter concerning requests for anonymity, in order to harmonize its Rules with the rules of some other administrative tribunals.

The new Article 7ter reads as follows:

1. A complainant or intervener who wishes to request anonymity may do so at the time when the complaint or application to intervene is filed. The reasons for this request must be specified.
2. The request for anonymity shall be forwarded to the defendant organization for comment within a period of time to be determined by the President of the Tribunal.
3. The Tribunal may grant a request for anonymity where disclosure of the identity of the complainant or intervener in a judgment is likely to be seriously prejudicial to that person’s interests.

Geneva, 7 June 2019
Dražen Petrović, Registrar