Application to intervene

Article 13, paragraph 1, of the Tribunal’s Rules provides that "[a]nyone to whom the Tribunal is open under Article II of the Statute may apply to intervene in a complaint requesting that the Tribunal’s ruling on the complaint apply to them. The application must set out the basis on which the intervener considers that she/he is in a situation in fact and in law similar to that of the complainant.”
The intervention procedure enables the intervener, without filing a complaint, to benefit from the Tribunal's decision if it is favorable to the complainant. Conversely, if the complaint is rejected, the application to intervene will likewise be rejected.

The applicant must complete three copies of the form which is available hereinafter.

She or he shall sign each copy by hand; a photocopy of the signature will not be accepted.

As for the timing, Article 13, paragraph 4, of the Tribunal’s Rules provides that “[t]o be receivable, an application to intervene shall be delivered at the Registry no later than sixty days before the opening of the session for which the complaint is listed.”