Practical arrangements for the public delivery of the so-called "Geneva salary cut cases"

The delivery in public by the President of the Tribunal of the so-called “Geneva salary cut cases” on 3 July 2019 has triggered strong interest amongst the numerous complainants, many of whom intend to attend the session. As already announced, the public delivery of all 73 judgments adopted by the Tribunal at its last session will take place at 3 pm at the ILO (Room XI, floor R2). The capacity of Room XI is 95 seats. Some extra space is available for those who wish to remain standing.

The President of the Tribunal has decided to deliver the “Geneva salary cut cases” at the very beginning of the session. All these judgments will be available immediately in the TRIBLEX database in an anonymized version, and printed copies will be available outside Room XI as soon as the President finishes announcing them. The video recording of the entire session will be available on the Tribunal’s website later in the afternoon, as usual.