Promoting worker rights and competitiveness in Egyptian export industries

The Project aims to contribute to the promotion of decent work in Egypt by supporting improved compliance with fundamental principles and rights at work. Accordingly, the main focus of the Project is to improve workplace cooperation and labour law compliance through capacity building and joint training programmes for both, employers and workers in labour-intensive export sectors.

The project focuses on the ready-made garment, textiles and food processing sectors which represent a critical source of employment and growth for the economy. The Project will facilitate the establishment of sectoral bipartite forums to build trust and cooperation between the social partners. The Project will also build the capacity of the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration to develop a specialized compliance unit for the export processing sectors, which will provide modern inspection and mediation services. A white paper on industrial relations in Egypt will serve as a basis for tripartite dialogue on legal and practical reforms, including on freedom of association and collective bargaining.