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3rd Conference on Regulating for Decent Work: Regulating for Equitable and Job‐Rich Growth (RDW)

The 2013 RDW Conference will centre on the role of labour market regulation when job creation is the paramount objective. Papers are invited to address labour market regulation's ideal post‐crisis form, with a special focus on four thematic issues: (a) Comparing and evaluating labour regulation systems; (b) regulating informal work; (c) industrial and employment relations for inclusive growth; (d) new patterns of segmentation and new challenges for promoting inclusive labour markets.

Keynote speakers at the conference talk about recent labour market policies in their country or region of interest, and suggest what more could be done to encourage equitable and job-rich growth:

Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge
Jill Rubery, University of Manchester

Cui Zhiyuan, Tsinghua University

Kamala Sankaran, Delhi University

Maarten Keune, University of Amsterdam
Ingrid Woolard, Cape Town University

Michael Reich, University of California

Richard Hyman, London School of Economics