Policy and technical assistance on wages and income


In recent years, demands for research-based policy and technical advice have been increasing substantially, particularly in the area of wages and incomes. The ILO responds to these demands through various activities:

Training on wage policies: National wage experts from Governments, employer’s associations and workers’ organisations are trained as part of capacity-building programs in partnership with the ILO Training Center in Turin. The first annual course on “Building effective wage polices” was held in Turin in February 2009 and involved participants from Armenia, Barbados, Croatia, Ghana, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Philippines, Tanzania, Viet-Nam and Zimbabwe. The next course is scheduled for November 2010.

Regional Conferences: As a follow up to the Global Jobs Pact, the ILO held a number of regional workshops on wage fixing and policy responses to the global economic crisis. This included the Sub-regional High Level Conference in Sarajevo in November 2009, as well as the High-level Tripartite Seminar on Wage Policy in Caucasus and Central Asia.

National-level capacity building: Training sessions, workshops, or technical advice to relevant national institutions is also provided at the national level. During the last two to three years, the ILO provided advice on minimum wage setting and/or public sector pay reform in Armenia, Burundi, Cap Verde, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Mongolia, Paraguay, Tanzania, or Zanzibar. These activities are designed to support member states in improving legislation, regulations or polices on wage setting and/or in improving monitoring and data collection mechanisms.