Research and publications on wages and income

The ILO’s objective is to deliver high-quality, sex-disaggregated research and information, identifying recent trends and effective policies to guide the content of national policies.

Global Wage Report : this flagship publication of the ILO disseminates research on global trends in wages and wage policies. Part I of the report provides information on the evolution of average wages, the share of wages in GDP, the gender pay gap and wage inequality. The second part of the report analyses the effects of policy tools such as minimum wages or the extension of collective bargaining coverage. The report provides policy-makers and social partners with information designed to assist ILO Members in advancing their national decent work goals.

Books : Over the years, the ILO has published a large number of books on topics such as the fundamentals of minimum wage setting, the debates on minimum wages in the enlarged European Union, civil service pay in Africa and in South Asia, or integrated system of wage statistics.

Working Papers : Research undertaken by ILO staff or experts from academia can also be accessed through the Working paper series of the ILO Conditions of Work and Employment programme. Recent working papers have looked at the impact of extended minimum wage coverage in India, a comparison of public and private sector earnings in Jordan, or the effects of minimum wages on the informal economy in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa.