Employment protection legislation: Summary indicators in the area of terminating regular contracts (individual dismissals)

Labour market regulation, including employment protection legislation, is central to the ILO’s mandate. It is the subject of continuous demand from constituents, who seek advice on policy design that is conducive to employment creation and which provides protection to workers.

This report takes up the challenge of laying down a novel methodology to create a set of Employment Protection Legislation Summary Indicators in the Area of Terminating Regular Contracts (Individual Dismissals). These indicators are based on the legal information collected by the ILO and contained in the ILO EPLex database (http://www.ilo.org/dyn/eplex/termmain.home), covering the legislation of more than 90 jurisdictions. ILO EPLex presents the legal information in a standardized format in a manner that accurately reflects specificities and diversities of national systems.